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Online Forex Trading Versus Online Stock Trading – Which Is Better?

Which is better indeed? While this article will not try to convince you of any investment option, it will lay down the cards on the table and you decide for yourself. Also, look at market reports on channels like the CNN or CNA (Channel News Asia) for information on Asia and the Western investment markets after you read this article; so you can better make a decision. Firstly, stock trading has always been a safe bet for many investors all over the world. After all, we had years of good projections and economic growth. This meant that companies and listed corporations were steadily growing – with consumer spending going up and the infrastructure in place, it was a high time for many investors who had opted for the stock market.

Furthermore, many brokers and companies were offering services like stock picking and stock options advice when you did sign up with them – so the support was always there. When the economy is up, stock trading is always there to make you a decent amount of money, but there are risks involved. Many people agree that there is a high level of risk and a great deal of market uncertainty with many portfolios simply because a lot of these companies that offer stock options are not 100% transparent. Furthermore, with stock trading, there are a lot of fiscal obligations that you must concur. When trading, you have to worry about the commission of the broker or the firm, as well as taxation on items like dividends, profits and even capital gains within the market itself.

Moreover, for those who are doing it from home, you must take into account risks like currency risks and even obligations like paying for the access to the stock market. Now with the credit crunch and worsening economy in full swing, it is even harder to predict the longevity of many companies and stock prices. Forex is slightly different as long as the economy is still run by neo liberalist principles of the paper trade. Currency is still king in terms of making money, because in this market, investors can make money on both sides of the swing. Also, your incurred costs are limited only to paying the broker.

There is limited taxation and fiscal obligations on trading in the paper trade market. Also, stock trading is not a liquid market, which means decisions do not happen in real time. I think this is the biggest selling point of the Forex market, which allows for the investor to pull out and liquidate his investment within minutes of putting the order in. For people who thrive on watching the market and making predictions, this is a very important and a selling point. Yes, Forex is not without its risks, due to the complications of the market and the fact that even tiny variables and the potential of things happening can affect the market. As with any investment trading, you need to be careful with your decisions and watch the market and world events. But will less risk, Forex is a good option for people now.

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