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Fap Turbo Vs Forex Autopilot?. How Do They Compare?

I was in your position 3 weeks ago. I had already purchased the forex autopilot and had it up and running reasonably successfully for a couple of months. I had a couple of winners, but it certainly wasn?t a raging success. Then I got an email from the FAP people advertising a so called ?new product? called FAPTurbo.

I must admit I was a little annoyed because I had paid for the original product with ?lifetime updates?. But I decided to read on anyway? because I knew FAP had a lot more potential if it could be ?tweaked? a little better. That?s because Forex is the most widely traded commodity on the planet and possibly in the milky way!

So I decided to swallow my pride and check out the FAPTurbo product a little more. The first thing that I discovered that this robot had been tweaked and upgraded by a whole new team of engineers. That?s why there charging us again. It?s a whole new generation product. Nobody heard?s of windows 2.0. But they have heard of 3.1!

Then I learn?t that they had added a great number of new features to original algorithm to make it more safe and more profitable. For example, FAPTurbo uses fixed stop loss value so your possible losses will be small and limited. Additionally, a great number of additional safety filters and indicators were adde to prevent trading in risky conditions. The Advanced filters and indicators that were added to the system to make sure FAP avoids risky periods with unstable market and makes most of the profitable trades with high accuracy. The strategy also has a great hedging strategy to minimise the trading risk, just like what the pro?s do.

But the greatest new addition has been the introduction of a short term scalper strategy that works on 4 currency pairs. This awesome algorithm diversifies the risks and has an awesome reputation as being the best scalper strategy available online.

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